Our Medicine Is Contributing To the Water Pollution Problem

There are a large number of Americans who apparently are not concerned about the many repercussions of taking prescription medicine.

In addition to many negative side effects experienced by its users, pharmaceutical medicine is also becoming a considerable threat to the health of everyone else. A considerable amount of these drugs pass right through the user and into waste water management systems. It is also a very common practice for people to dispose of their undesired medicine by flushing it down a drain. This is a problem because public waste water treatment plants are not designed to remove these kinds of synthetic chemicals.

Medicine in water

The good news is that water filter companies sell products that can remove the chemicals left behind by pharmaceuticals, a good reverse osmosis water filter will have no problem removing them.

Not surprisingly, chemicals from medicine are not the first thing that people think of when types of water pollution are mentioned. However, this is definitely a serious addition to the already large number of known water contaminants. Anyone who is considered to be relatively health-conscious will tell you that ingesting any chemicals of any amount can damage your health.

Those that take pain medication and other drugs are not the only guilty faction, of course. Pharmaceutical companies also do much to contribute to this growing source of environmental pollution. As with just about everything else in our world, consumer action can make a big difference here.

I personally never take artificial medicine. I also think that it is safe to say that most people do not need to take the medicine that they do. The sad fact of the matter is that the medicine that is being sold today actually makes people sicker. I’m sure that previous statement might sound pretty radical or even considered plainly untrue by your typical user. That idea is quite unfortunate. The fact is that natural medicine is the only real medicine.

Do not flush medicine

Hopefully more people will become aware of this urgent matter. Those that currently want to get rid of their medication should be aware of the fact that there are many drug buy-back programs that are available. Worst case scenario, dispose of your pills in the trash instead of the toilet.

Hopefully those that take medicine will consider how much healthier we could all be if they could manage to do away with those poisonous pills.

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