Finding the Best Filter for Emergency Preparedness

If an emergency happens, are you prepared? Not a small emergency, but a large one where water is scarce. Do you have the resources needed to keep yourself and your loved ones safe?

In case of a tragedy, you need water. It is the number one thing you need to have access to but you also need a way of purifying it. There are a lot of different styles of purifiers that are portable and do well for camping or hiking trips. There are also large “basecamp” models that serve larger needs for longer periods of time.

In a disaster situation you have to prepare for long-term survival. The disaster may only last a few days, but you should be ready if it lasts longer. You definitely want to get the best filter for long-term emergency preparedness. Here are some things you should always consider when deciding on filter purchase.

One thing you should look at is the container used to collect water. Some are plastic and some are metal. A lot of metal containers can take some damage in shipment, so if you do opt for one of these, be sure there is a warranty on it and possibly travel insurance. You want it to be in perfect shape when it arrives at your front door.

Another important element of filters is what it is made of. Some are ceramic and some are ceramic and charcoal. If you choose a ceramic only filter, it lasts for a long time without any real maintenance. Water can taste “different” though as it moves through the ceramic system. On the other hand, ceramic and charcoal make the water taste like your home style water. It’s the same basic principle as the filter system you put on your faucet for drinking, or keep in your refrigerator for purification.

The one drawback of ceramic and charcoal filters however is that you do have to be prepared to change the charcoal filter every six months. If you are looking for the best filter for emergency preparedness be sure to buy the charcoal filters to last. This way you won’t have to scramble and find them during the emergency. Anyone with a water system knows that without the charcoal, things can get pretty messy and water is definitely not drinkable.

Being ready for disaster means having everything you need for survival. Water is definitely the top priority. If you are looking for complete protection and preparedness, be sure to explore the filters available and see which ones meet your needs. Consider the amount of people you want to sustain, how much water will be used, how portable you need it to be and the overall taste. Then make a decision on the best filter for emergency preparedness.

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