Filtered Water Vs Bottled Water

When the water quality in your particular region is not ideal, you will find yourself debating the merits of filtered water versus the merits of bottled water. There are pros and cons to each source of water, so let's take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Pros and Cons of Bottled Water

One of the main selling points of bottled water is its convenience. There is no work to be done, the person simply opens the bottle and enjoys access to a fresh supply of water whenever they need it. Bottled water also has a superior taste, as it has been fully filtered to ensure the removal of all contaminants, bacteria and toxins.

Bottled water also comes with increased environmental sustainability. While those who use tiny water bottles on a daily basis are creating more of a mess, those who rely on larger, gallon sized bottles are doing their best to reduce the amount of waste created by their daily water consumption.

It is important to remember that water delivery trucks will have a slight effect on their environment, however. Be sure to crunch the numbers before you allow yourself to rely on a bottled water service or begin purchasing smaller bottles of water in bulk.

Pros and Cons of Filtered Water

While there are variances between each make and model, most top notch water filters do exactly what they are supposed to. The majority of common contaminants are removed before the water makes its way to the home faucet. The convenience factor that bottled water consumers enjoy on a daily basis is also present with filtered water.

Most water filter cartridges can be purchased online and there are a variety of companies that will deliver them directly to your door. These companies offer subscription services that are designed to keep you from ever running out of clean filters.

Filtered water also provides a much more sustainable lifestyle than bottled water does. Relying on filtered water is far less wasteful than using bottled water and water filters are also much easier to recycle, which cuts down on negative environmental impact. Some manufacturers provide drop off areas for used cartridges at your local supermarket, so be sure to ask for additional information.

Filter performance does not always stand the test of time. Those who have hard water will need to change their filter more frequently than those who do not.

Final Verdict

While bottled water is able to mimic many of the same benefits that filtered water can provide, it is not always able to emulate its environmental sustainability. Filtered water's convenience and environmental friendliness is unparalleled and those who wish to get the most out of the drinking water would do well to rely on a filtration system.

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