Why Filtered Water Is Better For Your Health

If you are not currently drinking filtered water, you are missing out on a wide range of potential health benefits. Drinking tap water leaves us exposed to several contaminants and by making the switch to filtered water, we improve our overall health in a variety of ways. Let's take a closer look at these associated health benefits.

Removal of Contaminants

By using a water filter, you are able to access clean drinking water at any time. When we allow ourselves to rely on tap water, we are exposing our bodies to chlorine and bacteria that has been allowed to seep in our drinking water supplies. Lead is another common contaminant that is found in many of our water supplies and a water filter prevents substances like these from having a chance to enter the body and potentially compromise our immune systems.

Reducing The Risk of Cancer

While some will choose to rely on bottled water to provide them with the health benefits that they need, this is a costly strategy. Drinking filtered water serves to keep us safe from the aforementioned contaminants and when we reduce our exposure to chemicals and bacteria that could lead to illness, we are keeping ourselves safeguarded from cancer. The more chlorine our bodies are exposed to, the higher our risks of developing bladder cancer, colon cancer or rectal cancer.

Better Cooking

We tend to neglect the cleanliness of our water during the cooking process and use water that has not been properly filtered for harmful bacteria. When this bacteria makes its way into our meals, we are placing our bodies at much higher risk for disease and infections. There are over 2,000 potential toxins present in our drinking water and unless they are filtered out before the water is used for cooking, we are jeopardizing our immediate and long term health.

Child Development

Those who have children to think about should definitely make the switch to filtered water as soon as possible. If a child is exposed to bacteria, chemicals and contaminants during their most pivotal development stages, they could end up with a multitude of health issues later in life. A developing immune system needs access to the cleanest of water, water that only a top notch filtration system can provide.

Retaining Healthy Minerals

Filtered water does not merely remove the most harmful contaminants and bacterial growth. By drinking filtered water, we are providing ourselves with access to water that has been freed of chemicals, while retaining all of its most healthy minerals. Without these healthy mineral deposits, the water that we drink is unable to maintain a proper pH level. When the pH level of the water is properly maintained, we experience a decreased risk in gastrointestinal disorders.

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