The Cold Hard Truth about Tap Water

If you are among those who still believe in drinking tap water, you are doing yourself more harm than good. Even if tap water is well treated at the water tap, do you know the condition of the AGED pipes that your water passes through before getting to you? Don’t even imagine what the inner parts of the pipes will look like.

During treatment of water, a lot of chemicals are added to the water. These chemicals are meant to kill germs and several other harmful micro-organisms. But the problem is that little proportions of these chemicals are still left in the water.

There is no kind of treatment that can completely rid the treated tap water of all the chemicals. Probably this is why about thirty percent of municipal water supplies do not meet government requirements. In fact, not meeting government requirements is enough reason to stay away from tap water.

Another hard truth about tap water is that one cannot rule out the possibility of germs being present on tap water faucets because of multiple users. No matter how clean or well treated tap water is, the germs on the faucets will still get it contaminated.

There are so many chemicals being used to treat water. But the most common ones are:

• Sodium Silicofluoride

• Calcium hydroxide

• Liquefied chlorine

• Fluor silicic acid

• Aluminum sulphate

Chlorine that is one of the chemicals listed above has the ability to cause cancer. Besides, chlorine is the major ingredients in bleach. Imagine having all the chemicals listed above in your body all at once. Yes, you may want to argue that they will be in inconsequential quantities. But what happens when these quantities begin to accumulate over the years?

Here is the worst part, the result from recent researches indicates that trihalomethanes, a chemical formed during chlorination of tap water causes an increase in the occurrence of three medical conditions in babies – anencephalus, cleft palate and heart-with-a-hole! Do you still want to go on drinking tap water?

It is better and cheaper to get your tap water filtered before drinking. This will save you a lot of money that would have been used in settling hospital bills. Over the years, do you know how many times you would have visited the hospital?

Have you ever gotten a goldfish as a pet or do you know who did? Has it ever occurred to you that goldfishes don’t live long in a bowl of tap water? Rather, they live longer in their natural water. What do you think could be the cause? No other thing but the chemicals in tap water.

Drinking tap water is bad enough but letting your kids also do is even worse. kids have weak immune systems and this makes them highly susceptible to a lot of diseases or medical conditions.

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