The Impact Bottled Water Has On the Environment

Bottled water has become more and more popular in recent years, as those who are constantly on the go have come to rely on it for hydration during their daily routine. However, those who allow themselves to become dependent on bottled water as their primary source of hydration tend to remain blissfully unaware of the impact that bottled water has on the environment.

Did you know that the bottles that are used to package water take an incredibly long time to biodegrade. While some may believe that it is better to simply incinerate used water bottles, this also has an incredibly harmful effect on the environment, as toxic fumes are released into the atmosphere.

Recycling plastic water bottles is also not feasible in all circumstances. There are only certain types of plastic water bottles that are able to be recycled, while the rest end up taking up space in our dumps and landfills. In a world that produces trash at an increasingly alarming rate, these water bottles represent one more environmental issue that needs to be tackled to ensure our future sustainability.

In the United States alone, landfills are beginning to overflow with discarded water bottles. There are a staggering two million tons of water bottles clogging the nation's landfills and considering the amount of people who depend on bottled water on an everyday basis, there is no end to this pollution in sight.

The manufacturing of bottled water also places a massive, unnecessary strain on our environment. Some of the numbers can be difficult to fathom. Every year, nearly 2 million barrels of oil are used to produce enough bottled water to meet the United States' demand. The amount of oil that is used to handle the demand could be used to power at least 100,000 homes.

The world's resources are becoming more and more finite by the day and dedicating such a large portion of them to the production of bottled water seems frivolous, especially when there so many viable alternatives (such as water filtration systems).

Three liters of water are also needed to package each individual liter of bottled water. By all accounts, this is a wasteful practice that should be discontinued immediately. Bottled water has an incredibly negative impact on the environment and during a time when we should be taking steps to improve our environmental friendliness, the production of bottled water is a major step backward.

Water is taken for granted, as most of us assume that we will always be able to access it at a moment's notice. But if we do not pay closer attention to the methods that we are using to obtain our drinking water, we will continue to place the environment in grave danger.

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