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What Is an Under Sink Water Filter?

Before buying an under sink water filter, you probably want to know what an under sink water filter is. This is a type of water filter that is similar to countertop water filters, except they go under your sink. They filter the water before it comes out of your faucet, so that every time you turn on your faucet you get clean, filtered water.

Although buying filtered water or water bottles may seem to be cheaper in the beginning, they are much more expensive in the long run. They also are harmful to the environment, create more garbage and are regulated by the same standards as tap water, meaning that they might not be any better than the water coming out of your sink.

Under sink filters are out of sight and out of reach of children, so they won’t get broken as easily as the filters that are installed on the faucet. These filters are great because since they are capable of filtering a lot of water, do not clutter up your kitchen, can filter odors, bad tastes, bacteria, lead and sediment, and they can be placed under any sink that you want.

Depending on your plumbing and the way your sink is set up, you may need to drill a hole or have the filter professionally installed or you may be able to install it on your own.

My buyer’s guide will enable you to find a suitable filter that gives great performance for a good price.

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Top 3 Rated Under Sink Water Filters

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What You Should Look For

Know what is in your tap water

This is incredibly important when buying a water filter. In order to find a filter that will work best for your household, you need to know what is in your water that needs to be filtered out. You can find out what is in your community’s water supply by reading the CCR reports that they put out each July. However, if you want to know what is in your particular home’s tap water, you can do an at-home test. Some health departments offer free tests, but if your state or local health department does not offer free tests, you can usually find one at a home improvement store. You can also send samples of your water to a lab for analysis. Once you are aware of what is in your tap water, you can find a filter that filters out all the containments that are in your water.

Keep your budget in mind

 Under sink water filters have a wide range in price, some are priced as low as $70 while others can be priced well up into the $400s. You also need to remember that the filters will need to be replaced periodically, so make sure to take that into account when buying a filter. Some filters need to be replaced more often than others, and some have filters that are more cost-effective than others.

Find out if the claims on the water filter are accurate 

Filter companies test their own water and they make their own claims about how effective their filters are, and what contaminants they filter out. However, these claims are not certified and could be false. If you want to be sure that the claims are true, look for a filter that has been not only company tested, but also tested by an independent organization. Two such organizations are NSF International and the Water Quality Association, and they both have public databases available.

Does the filter create wastewater?

Surprisingly, there are actually some filters that create wastewater when they filter your water. Some filters even waste up to 10 gallons of water for every gallon that they filter. Luckily, there are other filters that do not create any wastewater, so when you are looking to purchase a filter choose one that doesn’t create waste water.

Is the filter compatible with your faucet?

Some filters require that you buy attachments in order to install the filter, and some even require you to buy a new faucet. There are also filters available that fit a wide variety of faucets and are compatible with most faucets. Make sure that the filter you are interested in will fit your faucet, and if it does not make sure that you are ready to buy and install the necessary attachments to make the filter usable.

What is the warranty?

Pitcher filters generally only have a warranty that lasts around 90 days, but as under sink filters are more permanent you should look for a filter with a warranty for a year or longer.

Now, let’s talk about three systems which do have quality components and earn excellent reviews from real-life customers. We’ve done the comparison-shopping for you, in order to help you streamline the selection process. If you choose any of the three filters below, you’ll be accessing a superb design which offers everything that most customers need.

My Under Sink Water Filter Reviews

Nahla Pure Under Sink Direct Connect Water Filter

This filter is made in the United States and can be bought on Amazon with free shipping. It removes heavy metals, lead and chlorine. The DC sink filter can be installed vertically or horizontally, however the customer sees fit, and is a fairly simple installation procedure. This filter is not NSF certified, but they state the products used in the filter are all NSF certified. It can filter up to 10,000 gallons of water and lasts up to 3 years. Rather than replacing the filter, you simply uninstall the entire filter and buy and install a new one. Users have reported that this filter only has a small effect on the water flow.

Woder 10K Ultra High Capacity Direct Connect Water Filtration System

This filter is also made in the United States and can be bought with free shipping on Amazon. It is similar to the filter from Nahla Pure, as it also lasts for 3 years or 10,000 gallons and is replaced with a new system afterward. It should have a minimal impact on your water flow, as long as your water pressure does not go over 125 psi. The company states that this filter removes the bad minerals, but keeps the essential minerals so your water is fresh and filtered but is not “dead”. This filter is NSF approved, meaning that you can be assured that all claims made about filtration are true. The company claims that this filter can be installed easily and within 5 minutes or less.

AQ-5300.55 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter System from Aquasauna

This filter is a bit pricier; it is sold on Amazon at the best price I've seen. This filter is NSF approved to remove 61 contaminants, including heavy metals, cysts, pesticides, herbicides as well as pharmaceutical drugs. This filter has three separate filtration chambers to ensure the highest quality water. The filters last for 6 months or 600 gallons, and the company offers a 1-year warranty. The filters are easy to replace, and you do not have to take the whole system apart to replace the filters.

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Concluding Remarks

Every family and household is different. You know what your household needs, and by using this buying guide you will be sure to be able to find an under sink water filter that will work for you and your family. Under sink water filtration systems are a great option for households that use a lot of water, or who simply want clean, fresh, filtered water to come directly from their sink. If you don't want to have this filter installed or want a less permenent portable solution, try a gravity fed water filter

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