2017 Buying Guide to the Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

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If you’re on the hunt for the best reverse osmosis water filter, you’ll enjoy this detailed RO water filter buying guide. We’re going to share some important and factual information about what these water filters are, how they benefit owners and which styles are most impressive. By giving you the hard facts that you need, we hope to empower you as a consumer.

This type of water filter system functions by implementing reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis happens when inorganic solids which have dissolved (including salts) are taken out of a household water supply. The process is achieved by pushing water through a membrane which is semi-permeable.

Homeowners who opt for reverse osmosis water filters are making smart choices, as these types of filters are great ways to purify tap water via the removal of an array of unwanted substances, from salts to fluoride and nitrates. In fact, reverse osmosis water filters are the most-recommended water filter styles for domestic purposes. They are also chosen by the military for desalinating water and removing select contaminants. Army officials know that reverse osmosis water filters make water safer and better-tasting.

As you can see, if you’re already interested in this type of water filter, you’re definitely on the right track! Now, let’s talk about what to look for when comparison-shopping for reverse osmosis water filters.

My buyer’s guide will help you to find a style which offers superb performance for a fair price.

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Top 3 Reverse Osmosis Filters Compared

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Product Name

Filter Life


Value for Money

My Rating

Pre filters 6-12 months

Reverse osmosis filter 2-4 years​

12 Months

2-3 years

What to Look For

If you’re worried about the purity and safety of your tap water, you have good reason. Some tap water is contaminated with germs, pesticides and lead (to name just a few unwanted substances) and this is as true in rural areas as it is in the city.

Understanding that pollutants enter the municipal water supply, as well as water from wells, is important and your desire to find a water filtration system which improves the purity and safety of your household water supply is very sensible.

Since reverse osmosis water filters are so effective, they offer impressive solutions to the problem of contaminated water. Now, let’s talk about how to find the best ones.

We recommend choosing a reverse osmosis water filter system from a trusted manufacturer with a proven track record. The reason why we make this recommendation is because respected manufacturers typically offer systems with top-notch components. The performance of this type of water filter is strongly linked with its components. If they are of high quality, the system will work very well. If they are of poorer quality, there may be performance issues over the long term and fewer contaminants may be removed.

In particular, pre-filter cartridges and membranes should be world-class. Look for a water filter system which offers a four-stage reverse osmosis system with a couple of pre-filter cartridges. One of these filters should be an activated carbon style which takes away chemicals, including chlorine. The other filter should be designed in order to remove combination sediment and sediment.

In terms of membranes, look for TFCs (Thin Film Composites) and CTAs (Cellulose Triacetate styles. You may find systems which offer one membrane or the other and you’ll need to choose which is best. Both have their pros and cons.

TFCs take away more unwanted substances. However, they are less durable, as they may be damaged by chlorine and also need pre-filters of the activated charcoal variety. You’ll need to replace a pre-filter twice per year in order to keep your reverse osmosis water filtration system running properly. CTAs will last a lot longer, although they aren’t as powerful in terms of removing contaminants. A typical CTA will last for a couple of years to five years.

You should have no trouble finding a design with a four-stage system and your preferred membrane. With regard to assessing the quality of components, which is also very important, you may want to look at customer reviews. Real homeowners who buy these systems are important resources.

When you read customer reviews of various RO water filters, you’ll find out how these systems function for actual users and this will typically include information about how components are standing the test of time. Obviously, avoiding any RO system which receives negative feedback is wise.

A system which earns tons of great reviews is likely a winner. While reviews aren’t all that you should pay attention to, a system with hundreds of five-star ratings is definitely a solid pick and probably a great addition to your short list of candidates.

Now, let’s talk about three systems which do have quality components and earn excellent reviews from real-life customers. We’ve done the comparison-shopping for you, in order to help you streamline the selection process. If you choose any of the three filters below, you’ll be accessing a superb design which offers everything that most customers need.

My Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Reviews

APEC Premium 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System (ROES-50)

This system is American-made by a trusted USA manufacturer and it’s guaranteed to promote water safety and positively impact health. When you select this APEC-brand model, it will take away ninety-nine percent of chemicals and other forms of contaminants. A few examples include heavy metals, arsenic and chlorine. It’s equipped with long-life filters which work perfectly for well water and tap water. It’s designed to give owners access to water which is even purer than bottled H20. Also, it’s a quiet model, so you’ll find that it doesn’t create annoying white noise. This design includes a faucet which is free of lead. Highly-rated and crafted with superior components, this design is truly impressive and this is why it is a popular choice with consumers in North America.

Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Reverse Osmosis Under Counter Water Filtration System

This design is a great choice for discerning homeowners. It features an innovative water filtration system which negates most “cons” of reverse osmosis. If you want water which is extremely pure, you’ll find that this system really delivers. It features a whopping seven stages of filtering and gets rid of ninety-eight percent of unwanted chemicals and other forms of contaminants.

In addition, this system has a unique feature in that it adds minerals in order to make water taste better. It delivers calcium and magnesium a couple of times during the seven-step process. You’ll find that this practical system requires infrequent filter changes which are easy to take care of.

When you choose this model, you may replace the filter annually, so it’s very low-maintenance. It also promotes efficient water flow.

iSpring RCC7 - Built in USA, WQA Certified Reverse Osmosis 5-Stage 75GPD

This design is a bona fide best-seller and it features a WQA Gold Seal certification. It’s a five-stage system which offers premium water filtration, as well as an attractive, brushed-nickel faucet. Housing for this style is transparent, so it’s very stylish.

This unit will remove sediment during stage one. The second and third stages remove chlorine and other chemicals via a couple of carbon filters. This unit features a third-stage CTO-style filter and a fourth-stage TFC membrane. During the final stage, water is filtered a final time in order to ensure a great level of purity.

This design is made in America and it removes ninety-nine percent of contaminants. Components are crafted of materials which are FDA food-grade approved.

Choose an RO Water Filter Today

Hopefully, this comprehensive guide has given you all of the hard facts that you need. We’ve explained what reverse osmosis water filtration is, how it works and the benefits of it. Also, we’ve shown you what to look for when you’re shopping around for the best water filter. We’ve discussed filters and membranes, so that you have a deeper understanding of the choices which are available to you. Also, we’ve outlined the key features of three models which earn accolades from industry experts and customers.

At this point, you may be ready to move forward and order one of these systems online. If you do, you’ll be doing something that’s great for your health and well-being. Also, you’ll enjoy water which tastes delicious. So, why not treat yourself to one of these practical systems today? Or check out a whole house water filter

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