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Are you unhappy with your tap water? If you have noticed a nasty smell to your tap water and ice cubes, you may have impurities in your water. You may notice other signs that your water has been invaded by contaminants such as cloudy ice cubes that leave things floating in your drink once they have melted. If you have well water, you definitely know the smelly sulfur water your family hates. Instead of wasting all that money on buying bottled water, health conscious families are turning towards a cheaper alternative that is more convenient. Faucet water filters are an inexpensive and easy option to help improve your faucet water. Not only are they a low-cost option but they save time and money from buying and recycling bottled water, time and money you can spend on your family.

What does a water filter do? When you run water through a faucet water filter, the water will go through a screen that traps sediment like dirt and sand. The water then flows through a condensed mass of carbon and zeolite. The carbon particles have pores all over their surface which soak up chemicals like chlorine. The water should move slowly through the carbon allowing the small particles to soak up as much of the chemicals as possible. They can improve your faucet water by up to 10 to 20 percent with this process.

A faucet water filter is a small-scale version of a carbon filter that municipalities use to clean their water. Water filters use replaceable filters that remove certain contaminants from your water. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on your impurity needs and there are several ways they can attach to your faucet. A baseball sized version can screw right onto the faucet, another can be linked into your water line under the sink while a third can sit on your countertop hooked up with a hose from you faucet and then to a filter. The most common and efficient faucet water filters attach directly to your faucet and are generally about 3 to 4 inches long and can treat about .068 gallons per minute.

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My Faucet Water Filter Buying Guide

It’s important to find out what contaminants are in your local water and then compare it to the drinking water standards of the EPA. The EPA requires community water suppliers to give a Consumer Confidence Report to all of their customers every July. If you don’t own your home, you can contact your landlord for a copy of the report. Online reports are only required of community water providers that deliver water to at least 100,000 people. Private wells are not regulated by the EPA but it does offer information on treatment and testing for those that are interested.

Your water-quality report will tell you specifically about the water in your area but doesn’t necessarily reflect the water that is coming out of your faucet. There can be factors in your home that affect your water such as lead pipes so it’s still a good idea to test the water in your home. You may be able to get a free test kit from your state or your local health department or you can pick one up at your local home improvement store. The EPA advises sending your sample to a private lab to be analyzed and your local water authority will have a list of these labs. You can also check the EPA’s list or call the Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 800-426-4791.

Once you have found out what you have in your water, then you can decide what type of water filter you need also taking into consideration your family’s budget and how much water you consume. If you drink a lot of water, have impurities in your water and like a convenient way to strain them, then a water faucet is a good choice. Depending on the brand, the faucet filter will vary on what it removes from your water. That’s why it’s a good idea to find out what contaminants you are dealing with first. One good rule of thumb is to make sure your filter is NSF-certified to remove the impurities you are targeting which can be anything from lead, chlorine, rust and serious stuff like Cryptospridium.


• The biggest advantage of the faucet water filters is the amount of contaminants they remove such as lead, rust, chlorine and trihalomethanes to name a few.

• The advantages of a faucet water filter are the inexpensiveness of the filter. However, if you have the need to remove a large number of different contaminants, that faucet filter might cost a bit more. Compared to the cost of purchasing hundreds of water bottles, the faucet water filter will provide you with hundreds of gallons of water, that’s a lot of savings!

• A faucet water filter is also very convenient. It’s an easy device to attach to your faucet and you don’t have to waste all that time recycling all those water bottles. It also aerates your water which helps improve the taste.


• Faucet water filters can become a problem if you forget to change the filter. Unfortunately, an old filter can put the trapped impurities back into your water supply if it’s not changed frequently.

• Also, the filters don’t treat water polluted with viruses and bacteria and sometimes bacteria can build up in the filter which will make the water taste funny.

My Faucet Mount Water Filter Reviews

PUR 3-Stage Horizontal Faucet

If you enjoy crisp, delicious water from your faucet, you’ll enjoy the PUR 3-Stage Horizontal Faucet. The Pur 3-Stage has a brilliant design that saves space and includes an electronic filter life indicator. The PUR 3-Stage is available in several colors so you’ll be able to find a match to your décor. Installation is an easy one-click process that provides you with almost 100 gallons of clean, refreshing water (it should last approximately 2 -3 months, less time if your water requires more filtering). PUR water filter units do not work with hand held faucets or faucets that pull-out. PUR 3-Stage has a top-quality impurity removal system plus a two-year warranty. It comes with one filter but more filters are easy to purchase in packs of three or more. There is also a switch to bypass the filter if needed. The Pur 3-Stage is attractive looking and helps you save money over buying bottled water.

Culligan FM-15A Advanced Faucet Filter Kit

The Culligan FM-15A will change your mind about drinking water out of the tap. This water filter helps save money from buying hundreds of bottles of water and then having the hassle of recycling them. It has a well-designed faucet mount shape and reduces nasty odors while enhancing the taste of your drinking water. The Culligan FM-15A eliminates chlorine, atrazine, lead, lindane and sediment among other substances. The filter life is approximately 2 months or 200 gallons of water and comes with a reminder sticker to change the cartridge. The Culligan FM-15A fits most aerator faucets and the water temperature can range from 40-100°F with pressure ranging between 30-100 psi. Installation is easy and does not require tools to mount onto your faucet. The filter can also switch back to unfiltered water when are washing dishes. The Culligan FM-15A has a 2-year warranty and is NSF internationally certified.

DuPont WFFM350XCH Electric Metered 200-Gallon Deluxe Faucet Mount Premium Water Filtration Filter

The DuPont Deluxe Faucet has an easy-to-read display that monitors the number of gallons that has been filtered which helps your remember when it’s time to replace the filter. The DuPont Deluxe Faucet has a super functioning filtration system which provides great tasting water with one easy to use filter that also improves the smell and transparency of your water. The filter removes chlorine, lead, lindane, benzene, mercury, sediment, cysts and asbestos. DuPont also has a built-in protection to its cartridge housing of a Miccroban Antimicrobial product that improves filter life. It easily switches back and forth from filtered and unfiltered water for those times you don’t need it to be filtered. The faucet is easy to install, comes with a lifetime battery and has a 4-year limited warranty.

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When considering a faucet water filter for your family, make sure to find out from your local water company or from your own testing what contaminants you are actually dealing with. This will help you make the decision about what type of filter you will need to filter your family’s water. Once you know what you need to get rid of, you can find the the top water filter that will remove these contaminants from your water and how much installation will be necessary to get the process started. 

Fortunately, faucet water filters are inexpensive and found at your local home improvement store. You also don’t need a lot of skill to install one, the easiest ones just twist right on. If you don't like the look of these filters try an under sink water filter instead, they offer the same performance but are hidden out of site

Faucet water filters are a great choice for health conscious families as they remove a variety of impurities like chlorine and lead and they also help to aerate the water which improves its taste. As long as you can remember when to change out the filter, a faucet water filter should increase your water quality and taste up to 20 percent. This is a wonderful option if you’re looking to provide great tasting water to your loved ones and keep them healthy and happy.

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