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What you Need to Know About Countertop Water Filters

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to filter your water then a counter top water filter is your best bet. One of the advantages of having a countertop water filter is that is portable thus making it possible to move around with it. With this you know you can travel with it in your van, or take it to a camping expedition where you aren’t sure clean water is guaranteed. Countertop water filters are mostly used to filter away chlorine and other chemicals that might be present in your water. However, in case you need more filtration such as removal of lead, nitrates, cysts, bacteria, fluoride or heavy metals, you can install a special cartridge that can do this.

Why you need a counter top water filter

Counter top water filters have their advantages the first being that they are able to filter large amounts of water easily and real quick. Second they are easy to install and you do not a plumber to help you through the process- we can agree this saves you time and of course money. In case you acquire the higher- quality ones, you can be assured your water will be cleaner and healthier since they use a combination of filters. In addition, countertop water filters are easy to use and they have a low probability of clogging unlike faucet filters.

My buyer’s guide will help you to find a style which offers superb performance for a fair price.

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What to Look For

Of course nothing is perfect. That said, you need to know that countertop water filters have their disadvantages. One of the cons of this type of filters is that they filter water from one outlet only, unlike the whole house water filters that filter water from a certain source for the whole house water outlets.

The second disadvantage is that if you are using the older faucets, they may not fit. The good news is that this is a problem that you can fix by paying a visit to a hardware shop where you can get some fittings that can hold them tightly together. Another problem with countertop water filters is that they use up much space especially if you are going to place it on your kitchen counter. If you go for the new brands that have stainless steel or platinum finish then you do not have to worry much about space. They are designed in such a manner that sorts out the space conundrum.

A Checklist for you Before Buying a Countertop Water Filter

Before you make your purchase you probably need to check out a few things and put them into consideration. By doing this you will know what your house requires and that will make your decision making a bit easier. It will also save you the trouble of having to buy something and realizing later that it does not serve your purpose.

First on the list, you need to know what contents are in your water that you need to get rid of. With the right information on the contaminants that are present in your water then it’s easier for you to know what type of countertop water filter you need.

As mentioned earlier, countertop water filters are mostly used to get rid of any chemicals in your water such as chlorine. If you live in an area where the water has other dirt particles, fluorine, bacteria etc. you will have to get more cartridges that can go with the countertop water filter you get to help you get cleaner water.

Secondly, do you have the space? Does your kitchen counter have enough space that can accommodate a countertop water filter? You need to make sure that you have enough space on your kitchen counter that can fit the countertop water filter and allow you to go on with your business as usual. In case there is not enough space you might want to consider other types of filters such as an under sink water filter. Better still, you can get the newest brands that are designed to sort out the issue problem as mentioned earlier.

You also need to know the amount of water you require in your house in a day. You can achieve this by putting into consideration the number of people in your house. Please do not leave your pets out of that calculation.

Have you done your calculations? If yes, then you should know that a countertop water filter can serve a family of 1-6 and up to two pets. If your number is more than that i.e. more than two pets and up to 10 family members, you will need another type of a filter other than a countertop water filter.

Of course we can’t leave you without a list of our top 3 rated countertop water filters and links to where you can get them on Amazon.

My Counter Top Water Filter Reviews

APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter

Manufactured in the United States by Apex Company, this filter helps in filtering contaminants in your water. By doing this, the water you finally get is of the right colour, taste, and odor. We recommend this filter because apart from filtering the contaminants, it helps in balancing the pH levels in your water. The benefits of having just the right amounts of PH in your water is that your body will get the antioxidant protection, and detoxification. The filter has a five stage filtration process, and is easy to install. However, you will have to change the 10-inch filters on a regular basis for maintenance purposes. You can order it from amazon via the button below, and it comes with free shipping for prime members.

CleanWater4Less® Countertop Water Filtration System

With a top rating on Amazon, this particular filter is manufactured in the United States by Lake Industries . It is highly recommended because it is easy to install, and has no filters! We all know how replacement of filters can be expensive and hectic sometimes, so this type of countertop filter saves you all that trouble. It will also provide you with clean water that is fresh- up to 10,000 gallons! It also has a fast flow rate. The diverter valve installed in this filter is easy to attach to you faucet without any tools at all. With free shipping, you can order it off Amazon below

The Stainless Steel Countertop Water Purifier Filter

This one is also from Lake Industries like our first countertop water filter. It is equipped with a carbon block filter cartridge and a micron rating of 10 thus making it long-lasting, and efficient. The good thing about this filter is that you do not need to get extra cartridges for your filter in case you need to filter more than chlorine. This filter is built in a way that it can filter organic contaminants, sediments, taste, odor, and other sediments. It is also easy to install saving you the trouble of having to get a plumber. For an easier shopping experience, and free shipping, here’s the link

Choose a Counter Top Water Filter Today

Getting clean, fresh, and healthy water has never been easier. This is where you also bid bottled water goodbye. With a good countertop water filter, your drinking water problems are easily solved and you and your family can live stress free. As long as you have enough space on your kitchen counter, you can get a good countertop water filter that serves your need. This type of a filter is ideal for a family of less than 6 people, and two pets. Do not forget your pets. With the above links, you can get some of the best countertop water filters from Amazon- with fee shipping! We hope this article is helpful.

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