5 Reasons Not To Drink Tap Water

Tap water is loaded with contaminants and bacteria and healthy people will typically do everything in their power to avoid drinking it. While this behavior may seem excessive to some, those who choose not to drink tap water are providing themselves with a number of different benefits. Read on to learn more about the five reasons not to drink tap water.

1. Avoiding The Consumption Of Used Water

Did you know that a fairly sizable percentage of the tap water that you consume on a daily basis has already been used in the past? At least 10 percent of all tap water is recycled and while this may seem like a small percentage, those who consume the recommended daily amount of water are unknowingly ingesting a variety of different toxins and chemicals. There is no such thing as tap water that is completely brand new, so be sure to bear this important fact in mind.

2. Steering Clear of Chlorine

When we consume tap water, we are also consuming the chlorine that the local municipal water plant uses to disinfect it. By the time the tap water arrives at your home, it still contains extremely high levels of chlorine, as well as harmful chlorine byproducts. The EPA guidelines that govern the levels of chlorine in tap water allow for our drinking water to contain more chlorine than a properly maintained swimming pool, which is certainly a sobering thought.

3. Increased Risk Of Cancer

Those who decide to rely on tap water for all of their drinking and cooking needs are leaving themselves exposed to various chemicals and bacteria over the long haul. Drinking tap water that is filled with chlorine and various other toxins significantly increases a person's risk of developing cancer. According to the United States Council of Environmental Quality, these risks are increased by over 90 percent.

4. Exposure To Lead

We safeguard our homes by refusing to use paint that contains large quantities of lead, but for some reason, we are more than willing to drink water that is filled with this dangerous contaminant. When our children are exposed to lead during their early stages of development, their immune systems are compromised and this can lead to further complications later in life.

5. Insufficient Filtering

While your municipal water plant does their best to filter out chemicals and bacteria, the task is simply too much for them to accomplish on their own. Homeowners who do not properly filter their own water are leaving themselves at the mercy of the local municipal plants' filtration system. If you insist on continuing to drink tap water, you are placing added pressure on your kidneys and liver to filter out all of the harmful chemicals you are exposing yourself to, be smart and invest in a top water filter to remove those unwanted chemicals and give your family the clean healthy water they deserve

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